Wow! My very first post!

I’m not really a good writer, you’ll realize that with time, but I do love talking about my passions and I can only hope that I can put a bit of this love into written words too.

I’ll already start with an appology! If you’re a native English speaker, please don’t be too hard on me… I’m not. I speak Portuguese and English is a second language that I love, but that I don’t master.

It’s autumn now in Brazil. While you in the northern hemisphere are now celebrating the beginning of new life, the resurrection of what seemed to be dead and the long expected warmth, we are happy our days are getting a little bit cooler.

I actually had no idea of how astonishing the changing of seasons look like on those countries further from the Equator. I’ve heard of it many times, saw it on documentaries, but only when I lived in the Netherlands for a while I had the chance of witnessing it with my very own eyes. I miss a lot of things about that brief period I’ve lived there, but you bet that spring is in my list!

It was these sweet memories I brought with me of the spring in the Netherlands that inspired my new digital scrapbook kit, which is at this moment available exclusively at My Memories.

Booming Season Digital Scrapkit

We were all proposed a theme for April… our favorite thing about spring.

And all I could think about while planning this kit were the baby swans swimming around with their parents in all waterways and dikes… sometimes very close to the house I lived in. The lambs… the calfs… the newborn birds. My mind was flooded with the memories of how fast tiny sprouts turned into leaves that covered completely the stems of the hydrangea in the backyard.

This kit is a tribute to those days I’m so grateful for having witnessed and to these memories I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.

How about taking a closer look on the richly textured papers you’ll find inside?

Booming Season Papers
Booming Season Papers
Booming Season Papers

They are 45 in total and I tried to include a bit of everything… creased paper, hand painted, watercolor…

You’ll get 119 elements with it.

Booming Season Elements

It was a bit hard to fit everything in this preview… so I worked on a couple of more detailed ones:

Booming Season Detailed Elements
Booming Season Detailed Elements
Booming Season Detailed Elements

I also worked on some wordarts to give your layouts an extra charm and some clusters to help you get started…

Booming Season Worarts
Booming Season Clusters

This kit and its addons are available exclusively at My Memories during April and you can buy them for 50% off until the 10th.

Wanna see some inspiration? I’ve made these two layouts myself…

And these were created by some very dear friends:

Booming Season Sample Layout
Tammy made a lyout about her daughter’s wedding…
Booming Season Sample Layout
Booming Season Sample Layout
Rochelle made two layouts highlighting her children enjoying the spring weather…
Booming Season Sample Layout
And Yas wanted to showcase the beautiful and rich nature…

Don’t wait until the sale price is gone… enjoy the 50% discount buying it now:

And well… if you live somewhere where it’s actually autumn now, like me, maybe you’ll fall in love with this old (but awesome) kit I’ve put on sale for you!!!

Click here to go get it!

Thank you!!!

And please stay home and safe during this COVID-19 pandemic!

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