Hey, everyone!!!

Is it only me or are there other poppy admirers out there?

I think they are sooooo cute! And I had a dream with them last night.

When I set down this morning to start working, poppies were all I could think about… and after a few hours of work, I came up with this set.

Poppy Time Commercial Use layered pattern templates

This set of three different layered pattern templates comes in PSD, TIF and PNG formats and are commercial use ok.

If you’re not familiar with my CU products, this is your chance of getting to know them. You’ll be able to download this set for free until Friday, April 10th.

This way, you’ll be able to check its quality for yourself and who knows I might end up earning your trust? You’ll see how careful I am about jagged edges, stray pixels, resolution, unwanted weird outlines and blurriness…

Because we passionate digital scrapbook designers know how important it is to be able to trust the CU products we’re buying. And we want to offer our digital scrapkits customers the BEST!

So… run to my shop at Plain Digital Wrapper to download it! Don’t forget it will only be free until April 10th.

While you’re there, you might set your eyes on other CU product you would like to add to your stash… such as these ones:

Use coupon code AprilCU30off to get a 30% discount on them!

If you can, please stay home! Stay safe! And keep others safe too!

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