I love hibiscus! Any color! But red hibiscus really makes me go WOW! They are soooooo beautiful!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a nice place to grow them in my house. They need at least some direct sunlight to grow and bloom properly, which I can’t offer them here.

But the other day, on my way to the supermarket, I saw this hibiscus plant that had such beautiful dark red flowers… They were incredibly gorgeous… their petals were as dark as blood and looked like they were covered with wax, so shinny they were. The contrast between the yellow anther and the flower itself was eyecatching!

I decided I needed to work on hibiscus flowers for your scrapbook projects! And here they are!

Red hibiscus flowers and leaves

You can get either this set with separate elements which you can put together as you wish and make your very own clusters…

Or this pack with four ready to use clusters!

Red hibiscus bouquets

They were downsized to fit in the preview… but they are bigger! Here you can see their actual size in relation with a 3600 x 3600 px page.

Loved them? Want them?

You can grab them on sale right now both at Plain Digital Wrapper and My Memories!

Other colors will come soon! Stay tunned!

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