You know those people who have their own light?

Those people who are like the sun and whenever they are close by we can feel the warmth and see the light they naturally and constantly irradiate?

If you have one of these people in your life, you know what I’m talking about and how important they are for us, how great they make us feel and how we LOVE them!

And my new digital scrapbook kit is all about about those people, who shine bright, no matter how dark the times are.

Soulshine will warm up and melt your heart!

I created it with one person in mind, the brightest soul I’ve ever met, and I already made a layout using it… but this person is super shy and would rather stay anonymous… so I replaced her picture for this post and used a stunning photo by Jill Wellington instead.

I also used a template that my friend Dagi, from Dagilicious, offered in her blog on the NSD 2020 Blog Hop. I don’t know for how long it will still be available, so if you want to grab it, you gotta be fast!

Wanna take a closer look at the papers?

Get it now and enjoy 33% off the regular price!

Sale goes on until May 14th only 🙂

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