So, I’ve decided to join many other designers at a contest at Digital Scrapbooking Studio. It’s been years since I last participated in a digital scrapbooking contest and I must say I didn’t go too far at that time. If my memory is not failing me, I believe I was eliminated in round 3 as I couldn’t submit my entry in time because I was keeping company to my then boyfriend who was in hospital.

Anyway, I had only started to design and it was super nice to hear from a mentor her opinions and suggestions about my work. If you are thinking of starting designing digital scrapbooking kits, this could be a great opportunity for you. And even if you’re on the road already for a while, it’s always nice to hear what people who are on the road way longer than you have to say about the work you’re doing… I believe we can ALWAYS learn something new.

I wanted to join the contest at the very moment I heard from it, but a few issues were holding me back and it took me a while to really make the decision. I’m already selling my products in two shoppes and getting ready to guest in another one, plus all my offline work… I figured it would be too much. But hey! It’s a contest! I don’t even know if I’ll get to cross the finish line… and the fun part should be participating!

Being sick was also in the way. I got a terrible flu and I’m having many of the classic symptoms of the COVID-19. I haven’t been tested though… in my area, only people who end up in the hospital are being tested and thank God I’m not there yet. I’ve been monitored by phone and whatsapp by a local team of our public health system and so far I’ve been advised to just stay home, isolated from the others. My daughters are doing ok and I pray it stays this way.

But then yesterday I was soooo bored. And a combination of events brought me to create this mini for the contest:

I was in bed, annoyed with the pain in my head and all over my body, and decided to take a look on Facebook using my phone… so I came accross a memory from seven years ago with a beloved friend who died last month of COVID-19. We were friends for 13 years although we only had the chance of meeting in person once… ONCE! Even though our friendship was long distance and online only, she had been more present in my life than many of the people I see everyday… she had lifted me up and hugged me and supported me a lot more times than people who were right there at the reach of an arm. And Michael Jackson suddenly started singing Gone Too Soon in my mind.

I asked my daughter to bring me my notebook… the kit was already ready in my mind… I knew the colors I’d use, the patterns and most of the elements… I needed to work on it and make it real. It was only 4 papers and 20 elements… with a few pauses here and there, I was sure I could do it.

And I did it! It’s now waiting for you at Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s gallery and you can download it for free along with many other lovely minis from other great designers who joined the contest too.

When you do, please say a little prayer or send some love to Audy.

You were loved, dear friend!

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  1. I hope you are feeling any better, please take very good care of yourself.
    I love your creation, good luck on the contest!!

    By the way, I’m searching your participation of MyM June bt and I can’t find it 🙁

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