Nita has been part of our family for 13 years now. We adopted her when she was only a funny clumpsy full of energy 4 months old kitten. She loved playing with paper balls and, oh God, we loved watching it. She is the reason of most of the loudest laughs of my family and we couldn’t love to be her servants more than we do.

But she is sick.

There’s something really wrong with her and I urgently need to take her to the vet. I’m going through a rough financial situation though, not only because the pandemic cost me and my girls most of our income but also because I was only starting to get back on my feet after a huge setback last October and because I was sick for almost two months.

So I’m asking for help.

And giving away this kit as a thank you gift to anyone who spends $15 in my shops this week, both at MyMemories and Plain Digital Wrapper.

Plus, all my products are at least 25% off until August 31st and the discount goes up to 50% on some.

Can I count on you?

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3 Comments on Can I count on you?

  1. Sorry somehow I missed this post! But I have my babies that I love dearly and lost one that almost broke me in Jan… SO I am buying it.. Just hope it will help!!

    • Hey, Mary, dear! Thank you so much!
      Nita is doing much better now… I’m even writing an update post about her soon, but in short I can already tell you that we did take her to the vet and ended up finding out she contracted sporotrichosis, a very severe fungal desease. She’s being treated for a month already and after two weeks in a very bad shape, refusing food and water… it was so hard to see her like that. But I kept my faith! And then on the third week she slowly started to eat… I had to bring the food to her mouth so she would lick it at first, but I guess she started feeling a bit stronger and soon she was standing up to eat. This last week was great. She’s almost eating just like before again. Today we have an appoitment with the vet… and then I’ll give you all an update.

  2. I am so happy to hear that!! I sent a few prayers upstairs for her also! My oldest baby just turned 22 and she has always been healthy, but I am always concerned with her age. But I will continue to pray that she is getting better and you have many more years with her!!!

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