Since I decided to surrender to my passion and change my life by becoming financially independend while still doing something I love all day long, it’s been hard to focus on new kits. It’s like I’ve been hungry all my life and all of a sudden I’m in front of this whole feast with so many options… where to start from? What to eat first? What to eat now? What to pick as a favorite? And what to drink?

And while having the time of my life trying a bit from all these options, I have been creating super nice stuff that probably won’t make it to my shops, either because I don’t have enough for a full pack or because it’s not something scrapbook related, but that I’d love to share with other creative fellows. So I’m now on Patreon, where I’ll be sharing them with friends and fans.

Patrons support me while I’m learning and growing with a small monthly sponsoring, but they also get great perks in return. Besides all the goodies I’ll constantly be posting there, they also get some lovely physical gifts delivered right to their door! And I’m only going to show one of them!

I have three different tiers and options for scrappers, designers and even those who only love cute printables.

Some of the goodies that are already there waiting for you:

And a lot more is about to be added.

Visit me on Patreon to check out tiers and perks. And then take advantage of my gratitude, hahaha.

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