About one year ago, we went through the first lockdown due to the pandemic here in my state, in Brazil. It was a tough time for me and my family. I was just starting to get up on my two feet again after terrible events which included break ups, mental breakdowns, moving across the world, starting over from zero…

At that time I had already been struggling for years trying to get a regular job and become the “normal person” that I was expected to be in order to fit my social circle. So I was already unemployed when it all started and then soon I was already struggling to make ends meet.

After spending the rest of my money left on a last attempt of working with something my family and closest friends would approve so I would fit in, I saw myself in a very difficult situation when I failed miserably. Abbandoned, called pejorative names, bankrupt and sad, I turned to art once more to try to stay sane and pay my bills while the pandemic was out there and I couldn’t leave the house.

I maybe will tell you another time of how I died in here… but today I want to tell you how I resurrected!

It was art what brought me back to life.

Life has strange ways to bring us to our knees and make us follow the path that is meant for us… even when we fight the way, even when we want to follow the other ones on their roads… if that’s not our road, keep fighting will only hurt us more when the intersection comes. So I surrended. I let the road separate me from the ones I was trying to hold on to and dove deep in my passion.

I still don’t have a job… and now I think I never will! Because I just don’t want it anymore! Making a life out of your passion is addictive… I don’t think I can ever go back to an office, wearing uniforms, arriving at 8am and leaving at 5pm, trying to focus on work I don’t enjoy doing, and knowing that that’s the work, no surprises, no adventures, no new challenges. Today, I earn all the money I need having fun… drawing and painting like a free child on kindergarten… and wearing comfortable pjs almost all the time.

I’m finally happy. I’m finally independent. And I’m finally myself. I thought I would be alone for not fitting my social circle… turns out I found another social circle on this road life took me to, one that not only accepts me but also wants me as I am, a social circle where I fit in with no effort and where honestly I feel a lot better, where I feel free to be the person I am and live the values I cultivate.

This is the kind of resurrection I tried to portray with this new kit…

I think this is the first kit I have created specially for a personal project and I was not even going to make it available in my shops because I thought I was the only person whose inner artist almost died and came back… it was the reaction of the few people who got to see it before today that changed my mind. Apparently I’m not alone.

Resurrection has 52 elements and 16 papers that you can buy either in separate packs or together as a kit, plus one add on pack with 5 gorgeous ready to use borders.

It’s available exclusively at GingerScraps for now and on sale for 65% off today only. Tomorrow it goes back to 50% off, the regular Buffet sale.

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