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Where I’ll talk about my own digital scrapbook products or products from other designers I love, showcase my own layouts or layouts created with my products.

Christmas Carol Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to the Studio’s Annual Christmas Carol Hop! Every year the Studio designers gather together to “sing Christmas carols” to all of our members, customers, fans & friends. Put on your dancing shoes & singing voices and come caroling with us! It’s a way for us all to say Merry Christmas and a […] Read more…

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iNSD Blog Hop 2022 – Dawn

The darkest houris just before the dawn Happy iNSD! And welcome to this Studio Blog Hop! This blog hop is for all of us ready for a new dawn. For a new day after the dark times these last few years. This blog hop is dawn, hope & so much more. It is our gift […] Read more…

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$2.00 Tuesday and Freebie

Summer in My Backyard and a Freebie! This week Summer in My Backyard from Lisa Rosa is $2.00 until May 31st. Beautiful mix of water and fun sunny elements to document your summers! While you are there getting the kit, pick up the freebie Summer in my Backyard accents! Summer in my Backyard Summer in […] Read more…

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Early Bird – new and on sale!

Some people really find joy in waking up super early in the morning, before the sun rises, seazing the new day from its very beginning. I don’t think I have ever been this kind of person… I always considered myself a night owl. I could work until very late at night, or even through the […] Read more…

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Hawaii Collection – New!

New at Digital Scrapbooking Studio by Lisa Rosa Design – Hawaii. Each pack is a dollar or $5.00 for the whole bunch. Whether you’ve been to Hawaii or the pool, this beautifully designed kit will help you create pages to capture your memories! Exclusive to DSS this month! Check it out here! Read more…

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Hawaii Like Paradise

Our Spring 2021 Coordinated Collection at DSS is coming to the shop today and it’s simply FABULOUS! It’s more than 200 individual packs, all of them on sale for only $1 each, created around the same colors and theme: Hawaii! Hawaii is all about freedom, travel, beauty, islands, relaxation, happiness & dreams. Pick your favorite […] Read more…

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$2.00 Tuesday – Booming Season

Did you know that $2.00 Tuesday lasts a week at My Memories? Booming Season will be $2.00 until Monday, May 17th! While you are there check out the other packs to go with the $2.00 kit! Booming Season by Lisa Rosa Designs Additional pieces to go with the kit: Booming Season Clusters by Lisa Rosa […] Read more…

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